Point of Sale Displays

Temporary Displays

If you need a lightweight and easy to assemble POS display, trade show stand or trade show kit that can be used for short to medium term campaigns, we believe temporary displays are your best bet. Designed to last for up to three months, we can design and manufacture the right POS display solutions that fit your bespoke needs every time. Typically made from inexpensive materials (such as cardboard) these displays come with a much cheaper upfront price than other options and are easy to ship flat-packed.

Semi-Permanent Displays

Semi-permanent POS display solutions are mostly designed to last for a period of 12-52 weeks, so they must be robust and well-constructed. They are typically made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, co-polyester, durable cardboards, glass, styrene, metal, and/or wood. To ensure your brand presence for all promotions or retailer-driven seasonal campaigns is destined for success, we will work together with you to formulate a plan to turn your ideas into a reality. We are commercial retail specialists with 20 years’ experience in knowing what works. Even more importantly, we understand that every minute a customer spends in store is a chance to better understand your brand and engage with your product in a competitive and fast-moving retail world… so we need to get it just right.

Permanent Displays

A permanent display is designed to last from one to three years and are frequently designed as a ‘shop in shop’ or concept area for in-store marketing and demonstration. This is a very effective option for building brand awareness in new categories, as well as for further strengthening leading brands in larger retail environments. Typically made from very durable materials such as glass, plastic, metal and wood these permanent POS display solutions have the highest upfront and maintenance costs, and hence the highest risk. However, if planned, designed, constructed and implemented well they can bring excellent returns on the initial investment. We will of course be here to help you plan something that will do just that for your brand. Experience the Cyplex difference. Get in touch with us.



We can create an endless array of visual merchandising solutions for your business, including custom counter display units to showcase your products. Our units are designed to be eye-catching and practical, and can be completely customised with your branding.


We are specialists in point of sale displays, including quality dump bins to showcase your products. These can be completely customised with your branding and marketing message. They come flat packed, are easy to assemble and are very sturdy.


If you want to stand out from the crowd a backlit display is a good option for customer engagement. We have created dramatic results for many of our clients who want to create something special for a trade show or event.


Made from plywood, MDF or 2pac we can create and manufacture timber displays that will last the test of time and brilliantly showcase your brand.


Permanent wall displays offer clients the opportunity to create a “shop inside a shop”. Wall displays breathe life into a room and allow you to create new and very versatile spaces.

End Caps

Your end cap displays should draw the customer’s eye and allow people to make impulse or planned purchases with ease. Our expertise in commercial retail solutions can help you to go from design to in-store success, enticing your customers to try something new.

Shop Fittings

We can provide all services traditionally required by the shop fitting industry like digital printing, aluminum composite sheet fabrication and sheet metal fabrication. We specialise in finding a way to give you what you need in the timeframe and budget you can afford.

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