3 Quick Tips For Great Window Displays

3 Quick Tips For Great Window Displays


Window displays are an extremely powerful marketing tool. When we shop online, an appealing website can be the difference between venturing further or leaving and never returning. This behaviour can be extrapolated to the real world, if we see a store that draws us in, we will venture further to see more.

Increasingly, retailers are under pressure to attract and keep customers coming into their stores when shopping from home has become so convenient and price competitive. The window display is your first opportunity to interact with your shoppers, so leverage the opportunity by creating something that is attention-grabbing, interactive, brand building and extremely compelling to the shopper. Investing time and money in high-quality POS visual merchandise to draw your customers and make your store stand out amongst the masses might sound challenging, but here are some tips.

Tip 1: Tell a visual story with your products

Attention-grabbing window displays need a story. Stories help you interact with your customers better, luring them in and taking them on a journey. They also create character and atmosphere, bringing your store to life which has a positive impact on store traffic and subsequently, sales. Every story has a theme, you don’t have to look far to see that all the biggest national retailers conduct their stories around a central theme. Often, it will be based on an upcoming holiday, such as Easter. Instead of grabbing everything in your store that fits that holiday’s colour scheme, make up a scenario or pick an aspect of that holiday that you could tell best. Once you’ve decided on the direction you want to take, start thinking about the signage and visual merchandise you will need to construct that story and engage a manufacturer like Cyplex to bring your story to life.

Tip 2: Interaction & Persuasion

Once your customer has engaged with the theme and story, persuasive signage can be leveraged to influence customer behaviour to the point of purchase. Persuasive signs or displays can influence customer flow and improve interactivity with otherwise unnoticed products. It also allows products or brands to more effectively communicate with customers. These displays can turn an otherwise ordinary product into a popular “hidden gem.” Effective persuasive messaging can also create a higher perceived value for products, increase brand awareness and improve retail sales. So be sure to display selected products in your window front, accompanied with ingenious signage and messaging. Effective signage is anything that;

– Brings attention to a product group

– Does not detract from the story and theme of the storefront window

– Is subtly commanding and directional to the customer

– Is specific but simple – focusing on the crucial details

– Encourages a call to action

Tip 3: Symmetrical displays

The human eye naturally favours symmetry. Humans associate symmetry with beauty, and as a result, we will devote more time and attention to that object. Same theory applies for a window display that is balanced and proportional. Shopping psychologists will often defer to the “rule of three”. The “rule of three” recommends that when creating a window display, attempt to construct it by working with sets of three. For example, if you were arranging things by height, you would use items that were short, medium, and tall. Likewise, with depth, use the space evenly, don’t randomly place objects, signage or items in spaces without considering where it sits relative to another. Always remember that symmetry is king when it comes to a window displays ability to command customer attention and focus.

If you’re creating a window display for your retail store and you need quality POS DisplaysSignage Solutions and visual merchandising, get in touch with Cyplex.