From Health & Beauty to Health

This is a call for help to put us in touch with the right people.

Four weeks ago we all watched China suffering with Covid 19 and became anxious as it started to spread outside of the borders. Three weeks ago it starting to really affect Australian businesses as foreign exchanges started fluctuating wildly, projects were put on hold and global cases hit 100K, two weeks ago we got some serious social distance as Australia hit 160 cases. At that point, we started talking to the major grocery chains about a prevention solution and very rapidly, Cyplex re-allocated most of the business to designing and manufacturing Sneeze Guards, the clear perspex barriers between customer-facing staff and the general public.

sneeze guard woolworths checkout screens Cyplex

We have seen that now, at the beginning of a five week journey, that our capabilities need to be turned to designing and manufacturing medical equipment or other vital supplies needed for what is a very real global crisis. One of our team’s son is a doctor and it is very clear that Australia, like the rest of the world, is catastrophically short of life-saving or infection prevention kit.

it is amazing to see how quick the big multi-nationals have effectively changed their product and we will do the same for Australians. Our ‘working life’ experience creating and building designs for health and beauty and consumer electronics brands can be switched to making products that make a real difference in the first global catastrophe we have seen in modern times. This is a time for sharing ideas and talking so that we can make the best use of the resources available.

If you are in the medical profession or have relatives in the care sector and you can share this call for help so that it reaches the right people, I would be exceptionally grateful.

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