Making the Most of Underutilised Retail Space

Making the Most of Underutilised Retail Space

An essential consideration in the retail environment is the best way to maximise sales potential with the finite space of the retail store. Space has value and the way we use it can significantly influence profitability.  Retailers should look out for opportunities to increase cut through in the retail space and brand managers should find ways to stand out amongst their competition by negotiating opportunities for branding, messaging and product placement with retailers. A little creativity can go a long way.

Identifying Unused Space

Unused space represents a lost opportunity to build sales and maximise profit potential. The ability to turn a previously unused and unexploited asset into an opportunity for generating more sales, revenue and brand awareness is critical. Start brainstorming ways to make unproductive space more interactive. With a little creative touch and just the right amount of expertise and technical know-how, these spaces can be converted into opportunities to help to pull in more sales. Some examples include:

Retailers and brand managers need to create enticing and captivating in-store atmosphere and make the shopping experience exciting for their customers. Captivating POS Displays and Signage Solutions are versatile and can be custom made to fit any area, whether it be an awkward corner, a wall, ceiling or floor, which means they are the perfect solution for turning unused space into a revenue-generating asset.

It is important to consider the area in the overall feel of the retail space. Overcrowding should be avoided as it may detract from the customer’s experience.

How to Use Unused Space

Strategic placement of POS display solutions and signage can mean the difference between declining sales and soaring profits. In-store POS display solutions can provide your consumers with a richer shopping experience while influencing them to make impulsive and unplanned purchases.  Once you’ve identified unused space, consider the best way to use it. In doing this there are two important factors – the dimensions of the space and the way a potential customer might interact with the space. Innovative custom POS display solutions and signage can allow you to use a space of any shape and size, producing form and content that is relevant and makes the most of what is available while catering for the way a customer will interact with the piece.

Cyplex excels in innovative design and creative solutions to make the most of the available space. Partner with a Cyplex to create an engaging shopping experience for your customers while converting your unused retail space into a revenue-generating asset.