Gravity Feed POS Displays

Gravity Feed POS Displays have products loaded from the top and dispensed from the bottom. They are used widely, incorporated into retail environments, exhibitions, hospitality and events. They’re an efficient way to display products and offer a more immersive brand experience.

Gravity Feed POS Displays – Features

The gravity feed concept can be applied to all forms of POS displays. This POS display has applications in all campaigns and come loaded with interactive features.

· Corrugated & PVC material options
· UV screen printing for superior graphics
· Size & printing fully customisable
· Custom designed to meet all needs

To meet our customer’s retail requirements, these displays had to be both well-constructed and visually striking. We’ve consistently met our client’s high expectations for quality and their promotional needs.


Gravity Feed POS Displays – Benefits

We help our client’s launch products in the market place successfully via eye-catching graphics and structural creativity. Gravity Feed Displays have a range of benefits:

· Connect with customers
· Flat-packed, fully assembled and shipped to store
· Visually engaging and interactive
· Provide immersive retail experiences

Today’s customers, particularly millennials, are demanding more immersive experiences and alternative ways to connect with brands. Cyplex understands the role that innovation plays in effective POS displays.

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