We partner with our customers to create innovative and functional POS display and signage solutions that deliver results – whether it be driving retail sales, creating brand awareness or impacting your customers.

Our services span the whole project scope from consultation and design through to distribution and installation.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing custom products to serve a wide range of clients within the point of sale, retail, display, event signage and shop-fitting industries.

With Australian manufacturing facilities based in Sydney as well as manufacturing partners in China and Hong Kong we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products when you need them.

Our multi-disciplinary team offers the best in POS design, production techniques and retail industry knowledge. Contact us for a free design consult for your next project.

Floor Displays

Use floor displays to attract, engage and motivate your customers towards making a purchase. We view the floor display as an extension of the brand’s personality, an opportunity to accentuate products. As part of a longer campaign, floor displays enhance the market perception of a brand, creating customer loyalty.

Hanging Displays

Hanging elements are a unique way to get noticed and help define a space. These displays are great for aisles or as part of the wider floor space . We work with you to create the perfect design, shape, and message so that your promotional objectives are met. Our innovative manufacturing & design processes enable us to provide displays that interact and engage with the customer.

Counter Displays

Reach your sales targets with custom counter displays. We design counter displays to be eye catching and luring to assist in maximising ‘last chance’ purchases. Custom counter displays are great for meeting sales objective on fast moving consumer goods.

Wall Displays

Give your brand a competitive advantage and influence buyer behaviour. Our focus in on innovative designs that maximise opportunities for branding, messaging and interactivity aspects of the POS display as well as focusing on the functional aspects such as specifications, material selection, stock holding, lighting and stability.

Aisle End Displays

Your end cap displays should draw the customer’s eye and allow people to make impulse or planned purchases with ease. In retail marketing, aisle end displays are perceived to give a brand a competitive advantage, enhance retail atmosphere, and improve sales. Our innovative manufacturing & design processes will improve the impact of your POS displays across all shopper environments.

Gravity Feed POS Displays

Gravity Feed POS Displays are a unique concept that can be incorporated into any temporary, semi-permanent or permanent display. These displays have applications across retail, exhibitions, hospitality and events and are custom designed and fitted.

Light Boxes

To make your artwork stand out from the rest, consider using a light box. This marketing technique will encourage customer to brand interaction, increase awareness, and enhance the customer perception of the brand. Our expertise in commercial retail solutions can help you to go from design to in-store success.

Shop Fitting Accessories

Our wide range of custom shop fitting accessories add character and differentiate your store and brands from others. We work with our customers to assist in the implementation of outstanding marketing collateral for your in store campaigns. Our shop fitting accessories can be custom manufactured to your retail environment, minimising the chance of failure down the track.


POS Standees are a powerful medium, using bold text and high definition images to advertise, display and inform people about your message, brand and products. Incorporate these as part of any campaign and increase impulse purchases. For more, click below.

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