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Your aisle end displays should draw the customer’s eye and allow people to make impulse or planned purchases with ease. They are strategically placed to increase the visibility of specific products.

Aisle end displays make up a significant part of in-store promotional campaigns. The display is setup much like an exhibit, using powerful graphics and structural creativity to showcase new products and to call attention to a special price or offer. The location of these displays provides brands with competitive advantage, receiving more consumer attention relative to other forms of in-store promotional displays.




  • Take advantage of the premium aisle end position
  • Improve sales both planned and impulse
  • Functional, durable and eye-catching designs
  • Options can include:
    • Interchangeable header cards and graphic panels to update campaign messaging
    • Lightbox headers
    • Interchangeable wings
    • Promotional or hotspot area
  • High definition digital printing and full colour custom graphics
  • Material options include acrylic, timber and cardboard

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