Sneeze Guards

Supermarket Standee POS Display

Shield workers from germs

Cyplex sneeze guards are made to fit every kind of checkout or reception area.

Typically used in medical practices or areas where people with sickness come into contact with employees, these can also be used in situations such as the current coronavirus pandemic to shield workers from germs transmitted by infected customers

Checkout specific sneeze guards

Our sneeze guards are made of clear, durable Perspex and feature a wrap-around shield to protect cashiers from any airborne germs transmitted from shoppers queuing to buy products.

The gates allows bulky items such as toilet rolls or laundry powder to pass underneath to be scanned, weighed and bagged

Reception specific sneeze guards

Cyplex sneeze guards are made to fit every kind of reception area, whether straight, curved or multiple heights.

Supermarket Standee POS Display
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High quality, fast turn-around

Cyplex sneeze guards are made in our high volume factory in NSW and can be transported anywhere in Australia.

The sneeze guards are resistant to alcoholic cleaners and will not fog over time.

They come either ready drilled to use with our aluminium fitting kit, or can be supplied plain so local tradesmen can fit them.

They can be removed at a later date with minimal screw hole locations.

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