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Nescafe Wall POS Display


Your wall displays should complement the aspects of your brand that give it a competitive advantage. If your brand is superior or leading in innovation, then your wall display should reflect that.

Wall Display – Features

Wall displays play a crucial role in shaping perceptions about your products and brand. They increase your competitive advantage. Features include:

· Full colour high definition digital printing
· Interchangeable graphic panels
· A variety of material options
· LED lights

Features are tailored to suit the brand and products that will be displayed as part of your campaign.


Wall Display – Benefits

Wall displays create value over time. Leverage them to get maximum results out of long-term promotional campaigns. Benefits include:

· Increase competitive ability of your product offering
· Influence buyer behavior
· Impact sales overtime
· Enhance retail atmosphere

Wall displays are an extremely effective POS Display that characterises your products according to their competitive attributes, making them appear more superior against competition within a retail environment.

Miele Wall POS Display

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