POS Hanging Displays

Hanging elements are a unique way to get noticed and help define a space. These displays are great for aisles or as part of the wider floor space . We work with you to create the perfect design, shape, and message so that your promotional objectives are met.

POS Hanging Displays – Features 

These displays can be used in all retail environments for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent purposes. They encourage customers to interact with the showcased products and enhance the brand experience. Features are:

· Corrugated & PVC material options
· Offset or digital printing for superior graphics
· Size & materials fully customisable
· Designed to meet promotional objectives

To meet our customer’s retail requirements, these displays had to be both well-constructed and visually striking. We’ve consistently met our client’s high expectations for quality and their promotional needs.


POS Hanging Displays – Benefits

Hanging displays can be incorporated into all campaigns and offer a great method of showcasing a new product range. We use eye-catching graphics and structural creativity to create immersive experiences. Benefits include:

· Alternative method of showcasing products
· Flat-packed, fully assembled and shipped to store
· Visually striking and luring
· Immersive retail experiences

Today’s customers, particularly millennials, are demanding more immersive experiences and alternative ways to connect with brands. Cyplex understands the role that innovation plays in facilitating immersive experiences.

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