Graphic Inserts & Shelf Strips

Graphic inserts and shelf strip inserts are commonly used in a range of retail environments. Printed on synthetic paper graphic inserts and shelf strips can be used  printed to any size. Cyplex can also supply POS hardware for various types of inserts.

Graphic Inserts:

Graphic inserts are designed to be inserted into existing POS hardware that allows quick and simple changeover of graphics. Our innovative design team use graphic inserts to:

· Increase brand awareness
· Drive Sales, and;
· Enhance your retail shopper environment

Our intuitive designs also ensures that your messaging, promotions and pricing can be cost effectively and quickly updated.


Shelf Strips:

Shelf strips are essential for communicating a range of information. Information on shelf strips can include:

·category, and;
·promotional information

They are used in most retail environments that have shelves of product. They can also be referred to as data strips of shelf stripping.

Customisation Capability:

Cyplex is able to design and print custom shelf strips as well as supply the plastic shelf strip hardware. The plastic data strips are available in a range of different lengths and have adhesive, clip on and hanging options.

Other printing & signage products

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