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Besides our strong hold in the print industry for over 20 years, we continue to adapt our competitive offering and have become true craftsman in our trade. We are well-known by our clients for delivering exceptional products within budget, and on time. All our work is completed to the highest standards and is tailored to our clients needs. We pride ourselves on our long standing customer relationships and our ability to service their changing needs at a progressively higher level.

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Signage and Printing Services: Posters


Get cut through in your marketing campaigns with low cost and high impact posters. Our latest high-spec large format printers enable us to print any size posters with applications including retail, grocery, events, exhibitions and trade shows. For more info, click below.

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Signage and Printing Services: Aisle Wings

Aisle Wings

Highlight a special offer or generate awareness for new product launches. Aisle wings are an effective marketing tool that encourage impulsive purchasing behaviour.

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Signage and Printing Services: Banners


Banners are incorporated widely by retailers, for events, exhibitions and more. Our latest high-spec large format digital printers enable us to print banners with superior and detailed graphics on a range of materials. Available in single or double sided various display options.

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Signage and Printing Services: Cardboard Stand

Cardboard Stands

Our supreme design, printing, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide innovative and effective cardboard stands that grab attention and increase the impact of in-store promotions. To learn more about our high-impact stand, click below.

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Signage and Printing services: Light Box Graphics

Lightbox Graphics

Increase impact of posters and graphic related advertising by leveraging a light box. We create visual stimuli and lightboxes that attract customer attention and increase brand awareness. Our Lightboxes and lightbox graphics make visual stimuli more powerful and compelling.

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Signage and Printing Services: Headers


These signs sit on top of your displays in the store, and can help differentiate your brand from similar items nearby on the shelf. They also attract attention and highlight special offers. 

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Signage and Printing Services: Graphic Inserts & Shelf Strips

Graphic Inserts & Shelf Strips

Graphic inserts and shelf strip inserts are commonly used in all retail environments. Cyplex can also supply POS hardware for various types of inserts and more which makes us a one stop shop for all your printing and signage needs. Click below to learn more.

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Signage and Printing Services: Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Our supreme design, printing, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide innovative and effective outdoor signage solutions. Elevate awareness and increase your competitive edge in highly saturated market areas.

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Signage and Printing Services: Stair Graphics

Stair Graphics

Stair graphics are great way to seamlessly display an image or message to your guests. Stairs provide valuable marketing space because they demand attention, enhancing the impact of your message. They also provide alternative and immersive brand experiences.

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Signage and Printing Services: Shelf Wobblers

POS Shelf Wobblers

We design shelf wobblers for all trade and retail environments. Use them to sell special offers, gift vouchers and new products. Fully customisable to meet client requirements.

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Signage and Printing Services: Floor and Wall Decals

Floor & Wall Decals

Inexpensively adding a customised message to any smooth, flat or non-porous surface is a great way to maximise sales potential. These durable decals come in all sizes and shapes and are specially designed to make sure your brand leaves a lasting impression.

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Printing & Signage

We’re passionate about printing and signage projects. Our state of the art design, print, and finishing equipment means we offer an impressive catalogue of custom print and signage products, tailored to the requirements and specifications of our clients. Our highly skilled team and state of the art tech work hand in hand, delivering maximum value in the form of cost savings, innovations, and continuous improvement for our clients.

Large Format Digital Print

Get maximum impact with our design, manufacture, and nationwide installation service. Cyplex is a leader in large format printing services for retail environments, exhibitions, trade shows and events. We print our signage, posters and banners using state of the art technology, producing photo realistic full colour graphics across our range of print and signage products. Our printing technology allows for crisp text and vibrant colours with the added benefit of light black ink for smooth grey tone gradients and a higher density white ink, which gives greater opacity, making all the difference when it comes enhancing awareness and generating impact.

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