Aisle Wings

Aisle Wings


Leverage Aisle Wings to grab attention and stand out amongst the competition. This marketing tool uses unique cuts, bright colours and compelling graphics to engage customers.

Aisle Wings – Features 

Our supreme design and printing capabilities enables us to create Aisle Wings that encourage customer engagement and increase last minute purchases. Features include:

· High quality digital print
· Coreflute, polyprop & screenboard options
· Unique cuts and shapes
· Double-sided CMYK printing options

This combination of features make the Aisle Wing virtually impossible to miss. Aisle Wings take advantage of narrow aisles in supermarkets and have the ability to lure shoppers from the other side of the store.


Aisle Wings – Benefits

The Aisle wing is a powerful marketing tool that helps brands and retailers get products into shopping carts. Move volumes of stock and meet sales targets by using Aisle Wings in your next campaign. Benefits include:

· Cost-effective
· Durable
· Easy installation
· Differentiates you from the competition

Take advantage of Aisle Wings and alter customer purchasing behaviour. Successfully compete amongst a vast sea of brands for shopper attention.

Aisle Wings

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