Cardboard Stand

Cardboard Stand


Our supreme design, printing, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide innovative and effective cardboard stands that grab attention and increase the impact of in-store promotions.

Cardboard Stand – Features 

Take advantage of our expertise in printing and signage solutions. We create custom cardboard stands to suit your target audience and retail environment. Features include:

· High quality digital print
· Easy to replace graphics
· Double sided displays
· Cardboard or corrugated options

These, among other features lead to a cost effective and high-quality end product. Our rage of materials ensure that our cardboard stands are versatile, withstanding the duration of the promotion. Our stands can be designed to display any product, and offer a proven method of merchandising, extending your branding and housing your product in the perfect way.


Cardboard Stand – Benefits

Our cardboard stands are effective, bringing more attention to your in-store special offers. Leverage this marketing tool to grab attention and influence consumer purchasing decisions. Benefits include:

· Versatile, multipurpose uses
· Easy installation
· Highlight special offers
· Meet your promotional objectives

A Cardboard stand is essential in providing a strong platform for promoting your products. A great way to target impulsive buyers and to sell large quantities of products. A cost effective solution to your marketing sales goals.

Southern Comfort Cardboard Stand

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