Floor & Wall Decals

Floor and Wall Decals

Used in retail environments and at events, floor and wall decals can be used to give directions, promote a campaign or to provide information. The application of decals isn’t limited to floors and walls but can include other surfaces such as products, packaging, furniture, point of sale displays, windows and shop fittings.

Achieving Cut-through On Any Surface

Floor and wall decals allow you to take advantage of underutilised retail and commercial space allowing you to communicate your message without obstructing traffic. Floor and wall decals can adhere to a range of surfaces including:

· Tile
· Concrete
· Wood
· Vinyl
· Carpet

If your goal is to achieve cut through, then leverage floor and wall decals to enhance your next event or give sales a boost for your upcoming point of sale campaign.


• Innovative design and strong visuals

• 2D and 3D looking options

• Low cost and high impact

• No obstruction to foot traffic

• Indoor and outdoor options

• Custom sizes and diecut to any shape

• Gloss or matte finish

• Reusable options

• Non-slip over laminate for floor decals

Floor and Wall Decals

Take advantage of Cyplex’s nationwide distribution and installation service to ensure your floor and wall decals are successfully installed.

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