Lightbox Graphics

Light Box Graphics

Use lightbox graphics in your next in-store promotional campaign. Illuminate your custom graphics to increase the impact of your marketing messages and attract attention. This marketing tool differentiates your brand from the competition and offers customers a visually stimulating experience.

Lightbox Graphics – Features 

Our supreme design and printing capabilities enable us to create custom lightbox graphics that highlight in-store promotions, attract attention, and enhance brand visibility. Features include:

· High quality digital print
· Easy to replace graphics
· Double sided displays
· Latest LED technology

These features ensure a high quality and versatile end product that offers an effective way of engaging with your target customers. From idea and design to manufacture and installation, we provide an efficient and seamless process so that your promotions stay lit and your marketing messages fresh.


Lightbox Graphics- Benefits

Lightbox graphics are one of the most effective forms of ‘point of sale’ display advertising. It is an innovative display system that increases the impact of promotional messages and drastically increases shopper engagement. Benefits include:

· Cost-effective
· Market products in a more attractive way
· Easy installation
· Draw attention to special offers

Lightbox graphics grab attention and have the ability to lift the sales capabilities of your in-store promotions. Suitable for all retail environments, this versatile marketing tool is light on the budget and effective in regard to your marketing objectives.

Light Box Graphics

Cyplex offers a range of digital printing solutions for all your point of sale and signage needs with fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines. Get in touch with Cyplex today and find out how we can help you make the most out of your print projects.

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